French Criminal. Louis Cheraulaz, Escaped Murderer 3 1/2 X 4 1/2  inch silver print Marked for publication

Each photograph that has been marked for publication, has  been altered for a very specific and practical reason. The image , or part of it, will appear in the  publication looking a certain way that is meant to compliment  the story.  These markings thus make the photograph unique.  Sometimes, the markings also make the photograph more interesting and even beautiful.  In effect, the photograph marked for publication can  become a vernacular work of art.

French Criminals:  Three of these types of photographs were included in the MET exhibit:  "Crime Stories: Photography And Foul Play" which ran from   March 7- July 31, 2016.  One of these images was used as the signature photograph for the exhibit.

French Criminal. Louis Cheraulaz, Escaped Murderer Marked for publication

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