• Boughton, Alice . Yvette Guilbert #4

 01-19.  5 1/2 X 8 inch silver print with tape remnants on the corners. Detached paper with Boughton stamp. #4



Yvette Gilbert started singing at age five.  She became a model at age  16 and was also an actress.  

 Gilbert often appeared at the Moulin Rouge  and she sang at Carnegie Hall in 1906.

 Toulouse-Lautrec made many portraits  and caricatures of her.  

 Yvette Gilbert  also appeared in several films:  

An Honorable Cad (1919);  Les Deux Grosses (1924);  Faust (1926);

Die Grille Lachende (1926);  L'Argent (1928);  Autour De L'Argent (1929)

Pecheur D'Islande, aka Iceland Fisherman (1933);  Les Deux Orphelines,  aka The Orphans (1933);

and Faisins Un Reve, aka Let Us Do A Dream (1937)

Boughton, Alice . Yvette Guilbert #4

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