• Barraud, . Herbert Rose Madame Normann-Neruda

Madame Normann-Neruda Holding A Violin Portrait
Men & Women of the Day

by Herbert Rose Barraud (24 August 1845 – 1896)

A noted portrait photographer who had studios in London and Liverpool. He produced cabinet photographs of many famous Victorian statesmen, artists, and members of the aristocracy, many of which were published in his two-volume work, Men and Women of the Day, 1888-89. Most of Barraud's images were Woodburytypes, then a newly developed process which lent itself admirably to portraiture, being able to render middle tones accurately.

Between 1873 and 1880 he had a partnership, Barraud & Jerrard, with George Milner Gibson Jerrard (1848–1918).[4]

Barraud's studios were at 96 Gloucester Place, Portman Square in 1883, at 263 Oxford Street ("A few doors west of 'The Circus'") between 1883 and 1891, at 73 Piccadilly from 1893 to 1896, and at 126 Piccadilly in 1897. Another studio was located at 92 Bold Street, Liverpool. (WIKIPEDIA)

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Archbishop of Canterbury

Men & Women of the Day


Fanny Bernard-BeereMen & Women of the Day$75.00
Bishop Of LiverpoolMen & Women of the Day$35.00
Bishop Of RiponMen & Women of the Day$45.00
Boulanger, GeneralMen & Women of the Day$75.00
Cooper, Frank Theatre$25.00
Cornwell, Alice (Princess Midas)Men & Women of the Day$300.00
Cotton, Lord JusticeMen & Women of the Day$50.00
Duke Of DevonshireMen & Women of the Day$50.00
Gooch, Sir DanielMen & Women of the Day75.00
Grahame, Cissy Theatre$25.00
Grenfell, Sir FrancisMen & Women of the Day250.00
Haweis, The Rev. H. R.Men & Women of the Day40.00
Hawkins, Sir HenryMen & Women of the Day40.00
Hewett, AdmiralMen & Women of the Day75.00
Irving, HenryMen & Women of the Day200.00
Kendal, Mr. and Mrs.Men & Women of the Day150.00
Lady Carew.Men & Women of the Day50.00
Marchioness Of GranbyMen & Women of the Day150.00
Monekion(sic), Muriel(sic) Theatre$25.00
Moore, Mary Theatre$30.00
Moore, MaryMen & Women of the Day50.00
Moore and WyndhamCarte de Visite30.00
Neilson, JuliaMen & Women of the Day60.00
O'Reill, MaxMen & Women of the Day250.00
Tempest, Marie Theatre$35.00
Toole,  J. L. Men & Women of the Day50.00
Wallis  Ellen Men & Women of the Day150.00
Warre  Dr. Men & Women of the Day50.00
Welldon Rev. J.E.C. Men & Women of the Day50.00
Wolseley Viscount Men & Women of the Day100.00
Wood, Mrs. John Theatre$35.00
Woodworth, Edith Theatre$30.00
Wyndham  Charles Men & Women of the Day50.00

Type Woodburytype Print
Print Quality Excellent very little fade for time period
Dimensions (Photo) 7"w x 6"h
Print Condition Document (Photo) is intact, no tears or scars

Barraud, . Herbert Rose Madame Normann-Neruda

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