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Under Construction  is a museum exhibit that may change  daily, weekly,  monthly, or not at all as the whim takes the curator.  In all likelyhood the exhibit will never be quite completed.

"The pleasure of gratifying whim is very great. It is known only by those who are whimsical." ~ James Boswell

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Opening Of Somerset Dry Dock, Malta.
Albumen Print. Unknown Photographer


Arlington Fire, November 1893.
Albumen Print. Unknown Photographer


David Belasco. Gelatin Silver Print.
Bain News Service

British Gunners, HMS Enchantress
Albumen Print. Unknown Photographer


Snow Arch, Tuckerman's Ravine.
Carte De Visite. Bierstadt Brothers


Mrs. Philip Lydig.
Silver Print. P.S. Rogers.
She was also photographed by
Steichen & Kasebier

Everest From Sandakphu.
Albumen Print. T. H. Paar

George Washington's Tomb, Mt. Vernon, VA. 
Hand Colored Salt Print, Unknown Photographer

Henry Key. Albumen Print.
Unknown Photographer

Frederick Dellenbaugh Seated And
Reflected In The Water At The Heart Of Lodore,
Green River. U.S. Geological Survey,
Department Of The Interior.
Albumen Photograph. John Hillers

Snake Charmers, Ceylon.
Silver Print. Plate & Co. 

Ice Yachting On The Frozen Baltic Sea.
Sweden. 1926.
Silver Print. Underwood & Underwood


Ice Cave, Washington.
Mae Busch and Eugene O'Brien
In A scene From "Frivolous Sal." 1924.
Silver  Print.  Unknown 

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