Museum-Under Construction, But Open For Viewing.-Page 6

Museum-Under Construction, But Open For Viewing.-Page 6

Under Construction  is a museum exhibit that may change  daily, weekly,  monthly, or not at all as the whim takes the curator.  In all likelyhood the exhibit will never be quite completed.

"The pleasure of gratifying whim is very great. It is known only by those who are whimsical." ~ James Boswell

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Empire State Building Being Built.
Silver Print. Edwin Levick


Fortune Telling Birds.
Cyanotype. Unknown Photographer

Sholem Aleichem (Then Jewish Mark Twain).
Silver Print Marked For Publication.
Unknown Photographer

The Tissandier Brothers' Airship, France, 1883.
The First Aerostat With An Electric Engine.
Albumen Print. Gaston Tissandier


Spanish American War Woman
Holding A Shotgun.
Cyanotype. Unknown Photographer


"Pilots Of The USS Lexingron
 Lean Across The Wing Of A
Grumman F6F Hellcat
After A Successful Mission." 
November, 1943.
Silver Print.  Edward Steichen


Josiah Parsons Cooke.
Salt Print. John Adams Whipple  


Ship Street Barracks, Dublin, Ireland. 1865.
Hand Colored Albumen Print.
Unknown Photographer

Total Solar Eclipse. Jan. 24, 1925. 
Real Photo Postcard. Unknown Photographer

Looking Into A Mirror At The Velasquez Painting,
 "Las Meninas" Prado, Madrid, Spain
Toned Silver Print.  Slim Aarons

Constance Jewett Cheney (age 15)
In Costume For The May Party Pageant
In Leominster, MA In 1917
Constance Was Born In Salem In 1902 .
Toned silver Print

Camden Town Omnibus.
Silver Print. Unknown Photographer. 
"Vinolia" Was A Brand Of Soap Given To
First Class Passengers On Board The Titanic 
It Didn't Float

Whitworth 7 inch Gun.  Circa 1871.
Albumen Print. Unknown Photographer

Me. Cecile Sorel. French Actress
Alighting From Her
Krieger Electric Motor Car
Real Photo Postcard.
Paul Boyer. Paris

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