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Under Construction is a museum exhibit that may change  daily, weekly, monthly, or not at all as the whim takes the curator.  In all likelyhood the exhibit will never be quite completed.

"The pleasure of gratifying whim is very great. It is known only by those who are whimsical." ~ James Boswell

Museum Gift Shop

Beach St. Elevated Station. Boston. 
Unknown Photographer


Rooftop. cdv.
L.G. Francis. Auburn, NY

Isle Of Wight. Albumen Print. 
Unknown Photographer


Master Albert The Zouave.
cdv A.A. Barnes. Indianapolis, Ind.

Hamilton Ontario, Canada. Market Day.
Hand colored Lantern Slide

Shadow Rabbit. Silver Print.
Unknown photographer

L. A. Municipal Guard. Silver Print.
Unknown Photographer



Tightrope Walker. cdv
Unknown Photographer


Guy Fawkes Lantern.   Albumen Print. 
Unknown Photographer

Elizabeth Bergner in "Chalk Circle".
Hand Colored real photo postcard

German Pistol  Camera Gun. 
Excellent For Air Work. 

Silver Print. Underwood & Underwood

Bell Ringers. Salt Print


Racecar. Cyanotype. 
Unknown Photographer

Salesmen. Albumen Print. 
Unknown Photographer

Armor. Salt Prints. Andreas Groll. 1857

Fashion Study. Vivex  Color Print.
Unknown Photographer 



Rolls Royce. Silver Print.
Agfa Advertisement.



Miseum Gift Shop

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