About Us

I first became interested in taking photographs in the late 60's.  Somewhere along the line, I came across a copy of Robert Taft's book "Photography And The American Scene. " It was such a good read, even the footnotes were interesting,  that I thought it would be fun to collect an example of each of the different types of photographs.  Shortly after that, I came across a carte de visite album in an upstate NY auction which had a couple of images by Mathew Brady as well as a portrait of a young Queen Victoria.  I bought it and was amazed that I could actually own an authentic Mathew Brady photograph.   I still have the album in my collection.  That opened the floodgates.

What I wanted to collect were really good, well composed images no matter what the format.  I also fell into collecting images of  subject matter that appealed to me, i.e. The American invasion of Siberia;  silent movie stills;  auto racing; salt prints; gem tintypes; snapshots;  and early color images, to name just a few.  Needless to say that over the years I have amassed a rather large number of photographs in a great many areas.

Some of the images from my collection are in The Museum Of Vernacular Photography and can be viewed on this web.

Richard T. Rosenthal