Types of Vernacular Photos

Vernacular photography has only recently been recognized as a fertile field for collectors, scholars and history buffs.  It is also  an area  in which it is still possible for the beginner to afford wonderful examples of the photographer's art.

These pages will present an  assortment of  19th and 20th century photographs taken  by anonymous and still obscure photographers.  The images will run the gamut of photographic processes (albumen, silver, cyanotype, tintypes, etc.) and formats (prints, cabinet cards, cdvs, etc.).

New items will be continually added& so that you can return often and enjoy each new visit as a fresh, pleasant and educational experience.

Pretty much everything from 1839, the year of the invention of Photography, until today has been photographed.  Some of these images have become quite expensive depending on various factors.  However, many photographs are still quite affordable.  It is quite possible for someone to build a collection of original photographs for a reasonable amount of money especially if you are interested in a specific subject area.

If you collect photographs, then I believe that this is a site you will enjoy looking at. Photographs are available in many different subject areas such as: military,erotica, crime, sports, science, and aviation to name just a few.

Also, many processes and types of photographs are represented: daguerreotypes; ambrotypes; tintypes; cdvs cabinet cards, cyanotypes, salt prints, albumen prints, silver prints, snapshots, hand-colored, lantern slides, and autochromes. Not only are vernacular photographs available for sale, but images by well known photographers as well. I also hope that you will take some time to visit The Museum Of Vernacular Photography. As you browse through the site, please let me know if I can help you in any way.

Richard T. Rosenthal