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Two kids in their
Lone Ranger costumes. Snapshot

A store selling Halloween masks.
Silver print

A man wearing a mask tintype

Masked woman RPPC

German Gas Masks


A recollection of John O'Brien in
"Make The Kaiser Dance" Henry Berry.  p. 110

"Not Swine-But only
gas Masked Germans" 1919

WW I   German Airman's Mask
for winter flying

Russian soldiers
decontaminating trenches 1915


WW I Gas Mask


  Mask Off                       Mask On

WW I Gas Mask. 

 A recollection of Lieutenant 
 John C. Madden in
"Make The Kaiser Dance"
Henry Berry. 

p. 384  "Those damn gask masks-you'd
slobber in them. But you were
dead without them."

Dress to keep out
the mosquitos 1920


Draeger Mine Rescue Masks

"Protection for man's best friend"  1939

London Fashion 1942


"Just British Girls"  1942

Photographer assigned to Abyssinia

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