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Under Construction  is a museum exhibit that may change  daily, weekly,  monthly, or not at all as the whim takes the curator.  In all likelyhood the exhibit will never be quite completed.

"The pleasure of gratifying whim is very great. It is known only by those who are whimsical." ~ James Boswell

Museum Gift Shop

"Old War Dog." U.S.S. Olympia In Dry Dock.
Real Photo Postcard. Umlnown Photographer


Miss Chappell At Denver. Toned Silver Print.
Carolyn and Edwin Gledhill

Seascape, Jersey 1893.
Single Carbon Print In Sea Green.


Cecil Beaton. Silver Print.
Paul Tanqueray

Autogiro Models. Russell Jacobs.
Leo Cummings, & Jack Kistler. 

Silver Print. Unknown Photographer


India. Waxed Paper Negative. John Murray


Mlle Mielly. Silver Print.
E. O. Hoppe

William Thau Crushed To Death  By His Tractor.
Elizabeth N. J. Silver Print. Wagner & Boessner 
Star Eagle. Newark, N.J.


Two Girls Fencing. Cyanotype.
 Unknown Photographer

Mlle Nerignue, Silver Print.
E. O. Hoppe

Thomas Meighan and Bebe Daniels In
Cecil B. DeMille's "Why Change Your Wife." 1920.
Platinum Print. Karl  Struss

New York City News Kiosk, 1950.
Siver Print. Godfrey Frankel


Battery Rogers. Alexandria, Va.
George Sears of Rome Wis.

In Barrel Of Cannon.
Albumen  Print. Unknown Photographer

Museum Gift Shop

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