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U.S.S. Olympia Bow


Illuminated Liberty Bell

20,000 Lights



Civil War Battle Flags



Old Glory Flies Proudly On The Oregon



Lieutenant Jenkins Hoisting First Flag 

 Camp McCalla, Cuba  

June, 1897






Sailors, Wabash



World War I Soldier




World War I



"Back To Home Land. 

Removing The Casket Of
America's Unknown Soldier 

From The Olympia."



Naval Guns & Flag

World War II



Civil War Veterans



G.A.R. Parade



Memorial Day


Waukesha, Wisconsin



"The Grand Old Flags"



Teddy Roosevelt addressing a rally

"The flag of the United States 

deployed on the surface of the moon..."



"Away Barbarism and Murder

Justice and Humanity demand it.  

Old Glories wheels are rolling from victory to victory.   

God  speed them when humanity is her motto."





32d Precinct

New York City 



Fire Apparatus  and Flags



Brooklyn,  New York 



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