Museum-Suspended Anamotion

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The photograph captures a decisive moment. 

In effect, a photograph suspends time, space, and most especially motion .   

Barrage balloon

Airship, 1904

The Wright Brothers at Ft. Myers, Va

Autogiro over Niagara Falls

Cierva autogiro which flew the English Channel

Loading A Steam Engine On To A Ship

Testing Speed, Nerve And Accuracy

US Army Cavalry

Fireman, Ray St. George Jumping From 100 Foot Ladder

Hugh Zacchini, Daredevil


Rookie Receiving First Degree

 Brooklyn Dodgers Gil Hodges And  Pee Wee Reese.

Johnny Unitas

Carmen Amaya Flamenco Dancer

The First Recorded Parachute Jump

82nd Airborne

Army Parachutist

Town House Los Angeles

A Dive

1936 Olympics

1936 Olympics

1936 Olympics

Jesse Owens. 1936 Olympics


Standing Backward  1 1/2 Twist Forward

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